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Urgent Love

I got help for myself

"When I relapsed I figured, that's it. I was 'that guy.' I was ready to give up hope. Eventually I figured it out. I once heard someone say addiction is built like a layer cake, with issues below the surface that you gotta look at. Looking back now, sure enough, I'd been fighting like hell to avoid doing that."

To hell and back.

to hell and back 


Without knowing it, you likely interact with people every day who are themselves living/breathing success stories of recovery. Success is all around us.


Five such individuals sat down to share their stories, hoping that discussing their unique road to recovery might be of some encouragement to others ready to find a way out of the grip of addiction.



I still have spells where I just have to cry about it.


 I wasn’t worth anything. I would constantly question, why am I here?



My success story happened…going to jail.



I would get high and fantasize what it would be like to be clean.