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The Urgent Love Initiative is focused on local innovation to address our nation’s runaway epidemic of addiction. A project of the Prevention Council of Roanoke, the nonprofit 3-year pilot currently spans 26 counties and 11 cities in southwestern Virginia. 

Embracing the power of local
Press Conference
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Press conference | Initial launch.

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Our country's epidemic of addiction is a national crisis. But at home, it's a local crisis


The Urgent Love Initiative is a collaborative community engagement strategy designed to shift the conversation of addiction out of the shadows into a more accurate understanding of our collective challenge, putting actionable solutions and local resources at the fingertips of those who need it.

In concert with sister organizations and in collaboration with local media, the medical community, local government, faith organizations, law enforcement, universities, education authorities and nonprofit communities, the highly-localized approach features local faces and voices throughout a video-rich set of local online resources.

Our "All-in" Approach

Addiction isn't prevented from afar. And the local crisis isn't something we can arrest our way out of. It all starts at home: our medicine cabinet, our school, our workplace, our faith community and from within local neighborhoods. The first hurdle is to find ways to bust past the shame, stigma and guilt to be able to have open, healthy, honest conversations. 

City-by-city, town-by-town, the local crisis is about us. It's not about "those" people. It's about our community and how we're going to help make things better. To save lives.

Goals and Objectives

Research | Engagement | Collaboration


Design Standards: Web and Mobile

  • Consumer-focused (non-academic).

  • User-friendly. Easy to navigate.

  • A relatable “voice” of reason.

  • Original video content offering first-person answers from local perspectives. 

  • Highly-vetted augmented content from the web.

  • Non-commercial. Agenda-free.

Primary Audience

  • Anyone impacted by addiction.

Secondary Audience

  • Community influencers and those focused on addressing addiction.

  • A resource for EMS and law enforcement referrals.

Primary Objectives

  • Educate and inform.

  • Put a local face on the crisis: “I am not alone”.

  • Connect the dots: help the local community find answers.

  • Singularly-focused on issues surrounding addiction.

Secondary Objectives

  • Build bridges of awareness, understanding and collaboration between organizations focused on addiction.

Community Engagement

  • Provide local Urgent Love “Ambassadors” self-publishing tools and a platform for posting local resources, to help local citizens discover where and how to find local help.


Connect and Bridge

  • Champion creative local thinking to embrace new and effective ways to have an impact.

  • Outreach to identify successful practices in businesses, the medical community, education authorities, government, the faith community, nonprofits and sister organizations.

  • Ground-up advocacy at the state and federal level, to help identify where local resources fall short and advocate to make them right.


The Need

  • While the crisis of addiction is nationwide, its impact and suffering is intensely local. As such, local people need local answers.

  • Government and nonprofit websites are notoriously cumbersome to navigate. A plethora of for-profit websites are geared to sell their product.

  • Urgent love will provide a clear and local voice, easy to understand, trust and relate to.


As a research-supported model, we're integrating lessons learned with other communities in the state and nation. As a geographically and demographically diverse 13,000 square mile "neighborhood" with a total population of 1.1 million, the Urgent Love Initiative is well positioned to serve as a test-bed of experience and success for others.


   This is a 3-year initiative. 

  • Data collection and video production is currently underway.

  • Outreach and engagement will be an ongoing effort.

  • Mobile and desktop resources, including remote  publishing tools are being built, refined and tested.

  • We will continue to seek out innovative community partners and funders to collaborate with, to leverage this unique initiative, embracing the power of "local".